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Season: October to March



All Swimmers: Saturday 3:30pm to 4:45pm at ARC

Competitive swimmers (selected by coaches)             Thursdays 6:15 to 7:15pm at MRC

Head Coach: Rita Wakely


Aquatics (swimming) offers a wide array of swimming events that are appropriate for athletes of various ages and ability levels. Aquatics training and competitions are available in a variety of strokes and at a variety of


Aquatics events:

  • Freestyle Events: 25M, 50M, 100M, 200M, 400M

  • Backstroke Events: 25M, 50M, 100M, 200M

  • Breaststroke Events: 25M, 50M, 100M, 200M

  • Butterfly Events: 25M, 50M, 100M, 200M

  • Individual Medley Events: 100M, 200M

  • Freestyle Relay Events: 4 x 25M, 4 x 50M, 4 x 100M

  • Medley Relay Events: 4 x 50M


Head Coach Rita and Assistant coach Hield

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