HOWEVER, new information on the plan to return to sports is available on Special Olympics BC's website.
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Please read a message from Fit Families and Friends coach Kalyn about her birthday fundraiser:

"Hi everyone, Coach Kalyn Head here. I've been volunteering with Special Olympics Abbotsford for more than 3 years and Special Olympics Chilliwack for 6 years as well. You  might recognize me from Athletics, Club Fit, Soccer and of course Fit Families & Friends this past year during the pandemic.  The athletes, coaches and volunteers that I have worked with through Special Olympics mean so much to me and I would love to support them.


For the past 3 years I done a fundraiser on my birthday, July 23rd, by holding a 5km fun run and race for different organizations that serve our community. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, last year I had to improvise and decided to run 100km on my own instead. It was quite a tough challenging and a really great experience. I was able to raise almost $7000 for Chilliwack Community Services Youth Programs. 


With the support of Special Olympics BC this year I’ve decided I will be doing the 100km run again. My goal is to raise $10,000 for Special Olympics BC and shave 1 hour off of my time from last year. Last year it took me 13 hours to run 100km so I plan in doing much better this year. 


My birthday is on July 23rd and I hope the Provincial health guidelines allow me to see some of the athletes along my journey. However, like you I am waiting patiently for updates and I would love your support.  


I have created an Instagram account (@kalynsbdaymarathon) and a GoFundMe page to keep everyone updated on my training and plans for the run on July 23rd. If you are able to support me with a donation any amount would be greatly appreciated. As I get closer to my birthday, I will have a better idea of the route and timing. 


I would love to give athletes who want to be involved a chance to share "why they love Special Olympics" and how Special Olympics has impacted them. If you feel comfortable with me sharing, I thought it would be fun to feature athletes on my page with pictures or videos explaining the role of Special Olympics in their lives. You can email your story to me,


I am really thankful that you have all given me such a great experience volunteering. Special Olympics will always hold a huge place in my heart. Any amount donated is welcome and I really appreciate all of your support. Please share my fundraiser with your friends and family to help me reach my birthday goal of $10,000 in support of Special Olympics.


Here is the GoFundMe link:


Thank you for everything over the last number of years and I can’t wait to see everyone soon!"



















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